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Autographer – automatically photograph your life

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The Autographer, developed by the Oxford Metrics Group, is a clip-on camera that lets you take photos of your life’s every waking moment. It’s being touted as the “world’s first intelligent, wearable camera.” You can pretty much attach the Autographer anywhere: on your shirt pocket, pants, and even your necklace (or make into a necklace). Heck, wear it on your forehead! The idea is to simply wear the Autographer and let it take random photos as you go about your daily routine. The kicker here is that you have no control of when the camera will snap a photo (hence, why it’s called intelligent). It relies on its array of sensors to help it determine the “optimal moment” to take a photo. There is no shutter button on this thing. The Autographer is equipped with a 5 megapixel image sensor, Bluetooth, GPS, accelerometer, magnetometer, temperature, color sensor, and PIR (which uses infrared to sense movement). So, how well does the Autographer perform? Keep on reading to check out PC Pro’s review of it.

Since there is no shutter button, this is more for taking genuine and candid photos of everyday living. It’s perfect for hikes and vacation trips where you want to quickly and easily capture memories, but aren’t necessarily interested in high quality pictures. The camera has a wide angle lens of 136 degrees, which will make for some funny distorted shots. In fact, distorted images is evident in almost all of the test photos I’ve seen from the Autographer. Even the Autographer Vimeo page has videos where you can see tall trees being distorted due to the wide angle lens. Plus, depending on where you place the camera, you may end up with some horrid shots (blurry and bad lighting, for example). Memory-wise, the Autographer has 8 GB of internal storage and a USB port so you can transfer your life’s photos to your PC. It weighs a feathery 58 grams, so it is unobtrusive and you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it.

Here is PC Pro’s review of the Autographer:

autographer 2

autographer 3

If the review didn’t put you off on buying one, well then you can buy one at the Autographer Store for $399 with free shipping.


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