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Cardsharp – credit card folding knife

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Here’s a nifty little pocket knife. Well, actually, it’s more like a wallet knife. The Cardsharp line of knives from Iain Sinclair are credit card sized knives that are so thin, it’ll fit in your wallet. When unfolded, the Cardsharp lays perfectly flat with a 2.2 mm thin profile. However, with three simple folds it’ll form a handle so you can grip the blade and go to town slicing and dicing. There are three versions of the knife available (2013 collection): the Cardsharp2.2, Cardsharp3, and Cardsharp4. Check out the video overview of the three knives and watch the Cardsharp in action below.

All versions of the Cardsharp feature a surgical blade with a child-proof lock, so that the blade cannot be ‘unfolded’ easily. They also all have 65mm blades, which should be long enough to cut most things. The Cardsharp4 is the only version that is entirely made of light weight aluminum, whereas the Cardsharp2.2 and Cardsharp3 both sport a polypropylene body (plastic). The Cardsharp2.2 and Cardsharp4 both have a sliding locking mechanism so that the knife will not unfold itself when in use, which was a problem in the earlier models. In fact, I suggest you completely avoid the Cardsharp3 as it does not feature the same sliding lock. Instead it has a “snap lock” which has the most potential to unsnap during use and it will annoy the crap out of you. On the plus side, the Cardsharp 3’s handle has a ribbed design for better grip.

The Cardsharp2.2 costs £20 (~$32.50 USD) and weighs 13 grams. It is available in black only.

The Cardsharp2.2 (Black)

The Cardsharp3 costs a cool £8 (~$13 USD), which is most likely due to its lack of the higher quality locking mechanism found in the other models. It, however, weighs a mere 12 grams and is the only model with the .

The Cardsharp3 (Natural)

The Cardsharp4 costs starts at £55 and can run up to £90 (~$89.50 – $147.00 USD) depending on the customization you want. It weighs a 24 grams and is available in natural or black color.

The Cardsharp4 (Natural)

The video below is of James Nathan descaling and fileting a fish with the Cardsharp3. You’ll see how sharp the knife’s blade really is.


Via: Gizmag

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