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Leela Hat from Futurama

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leela hat futurama

Futurama Leela fans, this one’s for you. For $35, you too can be just like your favorite cyclops. The hat is complete with the iconic purple ponytail hair and single giant eyeball. It also has ears and adjustable bangs. However, be warned, vision loss may occur when wearing the hat. It’s also great for the winter. If you want to listen to music while you wear the Leela Hat in the freezing cold, you should buy the Bluefingers Bluetooth Beanie and wear the Leela Hat over it! Doing so will probably make your head too warm, but hey, gotta have your music and Futurama, right?

Get the Leela Hat at ArtFire. Please note that the Planet Express Ship is not included. So, you’ll need to find your own ship to pilot.


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