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Super Mario Belt – amazing!

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super mario bros belt

From Etsy seller, SalukiFeathers, comes the Super Mario Belt with the entire last level of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros stitched onto the belt. Hand-made from leather, this thing is impressive. However, the belt buckle is wrong. It’s Racoon Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3, which doesn’t match the level depicted on the belt (which is from the original Super Mario Bros. game). Nonetheless, the belt is still amazing. Unfortunately, as all awesome stuff are, the Super Mario Belt is expensive. $335…for a belt with Mario on it. Yikes.

super mario bros belt 2

SalukiFeathers says he can make almost any custom belt and recreate any video game level on it, as long as the level is “horizontal” and long enough to fit the length of the belt. Games like Sonic the Hedgehog would work. He can even make custom belt buckles to match. So, if you’re the type that burns money for heat, by all means, get one made! I think Nintendo should license this thing, drop the price significantly, and watch this thing sell like hotcakes. But, if you got the coin to drop for a Super Mario Belt, don’t forget to pick up the NES Controller Backpack to match your outfit! With those two items, you’ll be a showstopper at your next LAN party (do people still do LAN parties?).


Via: Etsy

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