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Batman Tumbler iPhone case

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batman tumbler iphone case

Holy Batman! Check out the Batman Tumbler iPhone case! Compatible with the Apple iPhone 5 and 5s, the Tumbler case will make any Dark Knight fan happy. The best part is that by pressing a button on the Tumbler case it will activate the Bat signal, which is emitted from the jet nozzle allowing you to project it against a wall. Awesome! The case also has an extendable left wheel to reveal the camera, so it won’t get in the way in the event you’d like to take a picture with the case on.

batman tumbler iphone case bat signal

The Batman iPhone Tumbler case measures 5.6″ width, 3.2″ in depth, and 1.5″ in height, so this ain’t no slim iPhone case. But, who cares! It’s freaking sweet! The case is currently being sold by Bandai in Japan for 5,775 Yen ($56 USD), with pre-orders ending on the 7th of January. Bandai will begin shipping the Batman Tumber iPhone case on March 2014.

batman tumbler iphone case camera

batman tumbler iphone case 2

batman tumbler iphone jet nozzle


Via: Ubergizmo

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