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Gigs 2 Go Tear-Off USB Drives

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gigs 2 go

You know those posters you find at public community boards, where people post stuff for sale, apartments for rent, or lost items and all you do is tear off a piece of the paper containing a phone number to call? Well, imagine the tearing off part, but replace it with USB drives and you’ll have the Gigs 2 Go. Currently a Kickstarter project, the Gigs 2 Go Tear-Off USB Drives aims to solve the problem of having to “give away” or leave behind your expensive USB drive with a client or when you need to large transfer files in a hurry, but a network connection or optical media is unavailable or problematic to use. The idea is to simply ‘tear off’ a USB thumb drive each time you need to transfer files.

The size of a credit card, the Gigs 2 Go is made from recycled paper pulp, which kinda resembles an egg carton and makes it super light and biodegradable. Tearing off a USB drive is easy thanks to the perforation along the edge of each thumb drive. Since it is made out of paper, you can easily write or draw on each drive with a pen or Sharpie. For a pledge of $30, you’ll get a pack of four 2GB thumb drives. The largest capacity available is 8 GB — which will set you back $40 for a pack of four drives. If you pledge higher amounts, you can get your company’s logo printed on the pack itself. You can even have data preloaded and ready to be torn off. As of this post, $8,580 out of the $14,000 has been raised.

gigs 2 go credit card

gigs 2 go usb drive

Now, here’s the problem: USB drives have come down in price signficantly and are cheaper than what Gigs 2 Go is offering. In fact, you can get an 8 GB drive for less than $8 USD on Amazon right now. That’s less than $32 for a pack of four, which is $8 cheaper than what the $40 Gigs 2 Go pledge offers. Also, why does one leave their USB thumb drives with a client? Why wouldn’t you just ask for it back? I find it silly that it is one of the problems Gigs 2 Go is aiming to solve. On the other hand, though, Gigs 2 Go is more recyclable and environmental friendly.


Via: Kickstarter

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