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MAGfurniture: magnetically assembled furniture

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mag furniture

Benjamin Vermeulen has come up with an ingenious idea to assembling furniture, which he calls MAGfurniture. With Vermeulen’s line of MAG furniture (short for Magnetic Assisted Geometry, you won’t need any sort of screw driver or drill, all you need is, well…nothing really. Using strong magnets, all you’d have to do is simply connect each furniture piece to the correct location and let the magnets click! Look Ma! No tools! You’ll have that chair or table assembled in mintues! Video after the break.

mag furniture 2

Vermeulen’s MAG furniture line consists of a chair (MAGchair), table (MAGtable), and a storage cabinet (MAGcabinet). All are made from steel and wood. The best part is that you can assemble and disassemble the furniture without worry about compromising its structural integrity. All pieces assemble the exact way each time, which pretty much makes replacing parts a snap as well. Plus, if you were moving, you’ll be able to move the furniture around much more easily — simply pull the parts off and reattach at the new location. It would be interesting to know what the weight capacity is of the chair and table. You can find out by ordering a MAGchair here, but I’m not sure if it’s available outside the Netherlands. It wouldn’t hurt to try, I guess.


magtable pieces


magcabinet pieces


With all that said, I don’t know about you, but that chair looks rather uncomfortable. I can’t imagine sitting on that hard piece of metal for too long.


Via: Dezeen

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