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Criquet’s Bendle Sleeve – can’t tear this with a twist-off

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criquet bendle sleeve white

Did you ruin your favorite shirt from twisting off the cap of that Bud Light? Well, take this opportunity to find yourself a new favorite shirt from Criquet. Criquet has a new line of button down shirts that feature its Bendle Sleeve. What’s a Bendle Sleeve? It’s essentially an extra layer of fabric “strategically positioned” at the bottom portion of the shirt so that you can twist-off bottle caps without worrying about tearing it.

criquet bendle sleeve blue

From the description on Criquet’s website, the Bendle Sleeve doesn’t appear to be some sort of magical fabric. It simply looks like it’s just an extra thick piece of fabric to make it strong enough to withstand tearing and prevent premature wear. The new shirts are all button down and are available in short or long sleeves. The long sleeves retail for $85 USD, while the short sleeves go for $78. Pretty pricey for plain looking shirts with extra fabric at the bottom. But, I guess, anything for beer right?


Via: Thrillist

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