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Life-size LEGO car, goes 19 mph

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lego car

Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida are the two wizards behind this beauty — a real life-size LEGO car that runs entirely on air. The project, called Super Awesome Micro Project, is made from over 500,000 LEGO pieces! This thing “screams” (okay, well, not really) down the road at 12-19 mph. The pneumatic engine itself features four orbital engines and a total of 256 pistons. The car is completely drivable…steering and all!

The project started back in April 2012 and with a single tweet, Sammartino was able to secure funding from 40 entrepreneurs to help complete the LEGO car. The car isn’t exactly 100% LEGO bricks, structural pieces like the wheels and tires aren’t obviously made of plastic bricks. Basically, any component that experiences any sort of load aren’t LEGO pieces, including the gauges. I’m not too sure about the car’s seat though. It sure looks uncomfortable sitting on a bunch of plastic toy bricks. However, the rims with Sammartino and Oaida’s face on them is a nice touch.

lego car 2

lego car 3



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