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Flower Shell

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flower shell

Turn your 12 gauge shotgun into a life giver, instead of a life taker. The Flower Shell, for the most part, looks like a 12 gauge shotgun shell, except it is filled with the seeds of your choice: columbines, cornflowers, daises, poppies, sunflowers, clematises, lavenders, sweet peas, lupines, carnations, and peonies. All you gotta do is load up a Flower Shell into your 12 gauge and shoot the ground. The modified shell has reduced gun powder so that the seeds don’t go too deep into the ground.

The Flower Shell idea was sparked by Per Cromwell of Studio Total. Cromwell is an avid gardener and one day thought of the idea of blasting the ground with a shotgun filled with seeds. However, for $50 you only get four Flower Shells — which is ridiculous. You might as well go your local green thumb, buy a pack of seeds, and toss them on the ground. While it won’t be as fun as shooting rounds into the ground, you’ll at least save money and still spread life. But, if you must spend $50 to plant seeds, then by all means, head on over to the Flower Shell Indiegogo page to contribute.


Via: Uncrate

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