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Moga Ace Power: iPhone/iPod game controller

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moga ace power controller

The Moga Ace Power controller lets you game on your Thunderbolt equipped Apple iPhone or iPod Touch without those silly onscreen touch controls. The Moga Ace Power features a console-like button layout: dual analog sticks, a D-Pad, four shoulder buttons, and four face buttons. In fact, the controller looks awfully similar to an Xbox 360 controller. It also has an expandable design to accommodate the slightly differing sizes of the iPhone and iPod Touch. The design also allows users to contract the controller (reducing its size) for portability, so you can slip the controller in your pocket and game on the go.

moga ace power controller 2

moga ace power controller 3

The interesting part is that the Moga Ace Power controller doubles as a battery charger. With its micro USB port, you can charge the Moga’s built-in battery pack so that when you plug in your iPhone or iPod Touch, the controller will provide it with extra juice so that you can extend your gaming session. And if you’re worried about not having access to the headphone jack, don’t worry — the controller has a headphone jack passthrough, so you’ll still be able to stick your headphones in the jack provided on the bottom right corner of the controller. Since the Moga Ace Power connects via Thunderbolt, the compatible devices are limited to the Apple iPhone 5/5c/5s and the iPod Touch 5th generation. Unfortunately, only a handful of games will work with the Moga Ace Power, but popular hits like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Bastion, Limbo, and Dead Trigger 2 will work just fine. For $99, you can finally play games properly; order direct from Moga.


If the Moga Ace Power controller doesn’t tickle your fancy. Also for $99, Logitech has its version of an iPhone and iPod Touch gaming controller. Called the Logitech PowerShell Controller, it too has a built-in battery pack to provide extra power and only works on Thunderbolt equipped iPhones and iPod Touches. But, unlike the Moga, it doesn’t have dual analog sticks and only sports two shoulder buttons. You can buy the Logitech PowerShell Controller at Amazon.


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