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ToastyMUG – keeps your hands toasty too

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Cupping your mug with both hands while you sip on your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate is a natural thing to do, especially in cold weather. We do it to obviously warm our hands and that is exactly what ToastyMUG embraces. It’s a mug that doubles as a hand warmer! The ToastyMUG features an unique handle that allows you to slip both of your cold hands in to enjoy the emanating heat from your hot beverage.

toastymug 2

toastymug white

The ToastyMUG was designed by Sabrina Fossi and is handmade in Italy. It is available in either green or grey for 44 Euros each (about $60 USD) on Fossi’s website. The handle is said to be ergonomic, which is good because the last thing you’d want are warm and cramped hands!


Via: Fubiz

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