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Scottevest Blackout Pocket – a Faraday cage in your pocket

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blackout pocket

Afraid of the NSA from tracking your every move? With threats constantly evolving, the best way to protect yourself and your data is to stay “off the grid.” Enter the Blackout Pocket from Scottevest. It is a pocket that is lined with an anti-RFID material, which the company is calling “RFID Armor,” to block skimmers from reading your RFID-enabled devices. It is designed to hold passports, wallets, credit cards, and other similar sized items.

Scottevest is offering three different strength levels of the Blackout Pocket: Level I, II, and III.

The Blackout Pocket Level I blocks the 13.56 MHz RFID frequency and is capable of blocking the less powerful skimmers.

The Blackout Pocket Level II will provide more protection against the more powerful high-frequency skimmers. The Level II is “industrial grade” and is good enough to act as a Faraday cage for your electronic device, capable of knocking your phone off the grid when placed inside the pocket (that is, it won’t have any signal). Your device is protected and invisible against most threats when inside a Level II Blackout Pocket.

If you totally must hide yourself and your data from the NSA, you’ll need the Blackout Pocket Level III, which supposedly provides the best protection against very aggressive threats that the previous levels can not provide. The Level III Blackout Pocket also protects against radio and electromagnetic waves. In fact, the Level III offers such powerful protection that it is only being sold to law enforcement and government agencies. How ironic!

blackout pocket 2

The Blackout Pocket Level I retails for $20, the Level II for $40, and the Level III $80. All are available at Scottevest store. Each pocket measures 5-inches wide and 6.5-inches tall.


Via: Wired

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