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The Rapid Packing Container – Look ‘Ma no tape!

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Invented by two engineering students at Cooper Union, Henry Wang and Chris Curro have invented a new and “revolutionary” cardboard box. So, what problem are they trying to solve with a new cardboard box? Two problems: waste and difficulty of packing. Apparently, one hundred billion wasteful cardboard boxes are produced in the United States each year, the Rapid Packing Container uses 15-20% less cardboard and thus is cheaper to produce.

The Rapid Packing Container features a wax adhesive that basically requires no tape. Simply fold the box using the Rapid Jig and stick the flaps together over the built-in adhesive. However, not only is it easy to assemble, it is also ridiculously easy to open. When opening, simply push down over the top portion of the box and voilà! It pops right open! The best part is that the Rapid Packing Container is fully reversible, so you can reuse the box to reship items without having to remove any shipping labels. Handy!


Via: Reddit

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