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LaserRifle Prototype Mk I – a real laser rifle that slowly burns

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laserrifle mk i

Patrick Priebe is a master craftsman when it comes to laser gadgets. His latest creation is the LaserRifle Prototype Mk I, which is a 12,000 volt, watercooled infrared shooting rifle that will leave burn marks at anything you point it at. The LaserRifle even features a temperature display and a red aiming laser for accuracy. Video demonstration of it etching burn marks on things after the break.

The LaserRifle weighs 12 pounds and measures 28 inches long. It took over 250 hours to make and runs on 18VDC, 7 Watts at 10600nm wave. Thanks to the noisy waterpump, it also comes with a buzzing sound, so you can annoy the crap out of your victims as you slowly burn them. Okay, I joke, don’t point high powered lasers at people, kids! The effective range on the LaserRifle is 4 meters (about 13 feet).

laserrifle mk i 2

Don’t even bother asking how to make one or how much one costs. Priebe isn’t telling nor selling. However, if you want to see something made, you can contact him as he apparently takes requests. Be sure to check out Priebe’s other laser weapons, err, gadgets on his YouTube page. My favorites are the Iron Man Laser Gauntlet and the matching Iron Man Laser Glove.


Via: Gizmag

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