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LAST Camera: build it yourself!

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last camera

Still too stubborn to move to a digital SLR? Are you a fan of how film photography looks? Check out the LAST Camera, which is a camera that you build yourself. Using several snap-on plastic pieces, anyone can build this DIY camera. The assembly of the LAST Camera reminds me of the Gundam model kits I used to build when growing up. Its perfect for the professional shutterbugs looking to experiment with a toy camera or to give to kids as their first foray into photography.

last camera assembly

When fully assembled, the LAST Camera uses 35mm film and features the basic functions you’d expect: a shutter button, viewfinder, bulb lever, rewinding crank, two interchangeable lens (standard 45mm and a 22mm wide angle lens), and a tripod mounting hole. The camera also has an adjustable panel so you can create light leaks to add a bit of an artistic flare to your shots. Obviously, this isn’t going to replace your go-to camera, but it’s a great way to play with the dying analog film media.

The LAST Camera is made by PowerShovel Ltd., a Japanese company that sells other types of cameras under the SuperHeadz brand. You order one direct at SuperHeadz for 4,095 Yen (~$39 USD). But, those stateside may prefer the ease and convenience of Amazon — which sells it for $65 via Amazon’s third party sellers.

last camera front

last camera top

last camera side

last camera rear


Via: Imaging Resource and YouTube (JAAPANTV)

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