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Linquet – keeps track of your belongings

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We as human beings forget a lot of things. In this day and age, we’re always on the go and are constantly rushing to get to where we need to be. As a result, due to the haste and all of the distractions that surrounds us, we forget and sometimes lose the things we need. Keys, cellphones, wallets, laptops, and pets are examples of the items we need to keep track of on a daily basis. This is where Linquet comes into play. Using a combination of hardware and software, Linquet is being touted as an anti-loss solution — a system that will help you prevent the loss of an important item in the event of a brain fart.

Linquet is simply a Bluetooth tag that you can attach to any thing you want to keep track off. Once you’ve attached a Linquet to the valuable item you wish to keep track off, you’ll need to download the free app onto your iPhone or Android device. Then, when you venture beyond a preset range, the Linquet attached to the item will begin beeping and flashing its built-in LED light. A notification will also appear on your phone telling you what you’re about to lose, so you can turn around and follow the beeping noise (and flashing LED) to retrieve your item. It can even notify a group of friends when you’ve lost something, so that they can help you retrieve it. The Linquet can also work in the reverse: it can alert when you when an item has come into range, which works handy at the airport baggage claim, for example. As you can see, Linquet’s goal is to prevent you from losing your items in the first place, unlike other tracking systems that help you locate items once they are lost.

Each Linquet measures slightly wider than a quarter and has a maximum range of 100 feet. It also features a battery that will supposedly last up to a year with 24/7 usage. It has a “Magic Button” that provides a panic mode to quickly locate your phone. The Magic Button also allows you to control the camera. On the other side of the equation, the app itself can track multiple Linquets simultaneously, so you’ll be able to track your entire clowder of cats. The app will also allow you to customize the volume and ringtone for each Linquet so you can easily identify which item you left behind. You can also set the range at which the alarm will set off. Linquet saves all of the location data of your items in the cloud, so you’ll be able to tell where all of your valuables are at any time via the app.

Shipping in early 2014, each Linquet tag is free. However, the company makes its money on the cloud service. You can pre-order for $2.99 a month, which will get you one Linquet and the cloud service for it. For $9.99, you’ll get 4 Linquets and $19.99 will get you 10.


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