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Periodic Table of Alcohol – a bit of science for drunks

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periodic table of alcohol_scaled

Designer, illustrator, and part-time drunk, Mayra Artes, created an infographic for the alcoholics. Called the Periodic Table of Alcohol, the chart provides “important” information regarding popular alcoholic drinks, ranging from “Diesel” to “Shit On Grass” (I’ll admit, this one is new to me). The chart replaces the atomic number and atomic mass with each drink’s type of beverage, flavor, alcohol percentage, and its year of creation.

The Periodic Table of Alcohol is color coded so you can easily identify what category each beverage belongs to. For example: red means it’s a wine based beverage, orange is beer, brown is rum, and so on. Just like the traditional Periodic Table that you’ve most likely forgotten since high school, the alcohol version groups the drinks together to help you quickly identify your favorite alcoholic beverage.

As a lightweight drinker, I am unfamiliar with quite a few of these beverages, but I’m curious as to what the hell a “Laughing Buddha” and an “Adios Motherfucker” tastes like. Guess I’ll be Googling a recipe and hitting up the liquor store. Cheers!

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periodic table of alcohol


Via: Foodbeast

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