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SolarGami – foldable solar panels

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What happens when you combine solar panels with origami? The SolarGami, of course! Currently a Kickstarter project, the SolarGami is a portable solar panel that unfolds to harness the sun’s power to charge your mobile devices. Its foldable design allows it to be extremely portable and lightweight making it a perfect addition to your travel/camping gear. When unfolded, it spans to a large-area solar array that is capable of generating up to 25 watts of electricity and storing the excess energy to a removable battery.

The SolarGami uses magnets and a screw-in knob to lock the solar panels in place when unfolded. When unfolded, you can hang the SolarGami virtually anywhere: against a wall, flat across a table or bench, or even hang it on a tree. In fact, it is compatible with most tripods, so you can easily mount one to it to make a deploy-able stand. It has four built-in USB ports, so you can plug in multiple devices simultaneously. For emergency situations, a wall plug is included so you can quickly charge the battery when in need or during overcast weather.

Here’s a video of the SolarGami’s folding action:

There are two models available: one with a 46 watt-hour (12,600 milliamp-hour) battery (for $299) and another with a 92 watt-hour (25,200 milliamp-hour) battery (for $350). The 46 watt-hour version will provide enough juice to charge your cell phone for up to 7 times. The SolarGami measures 1.5 x 8 x 11-inches when folded and 0.4 x 16 x 22.25-inches when unfolded. It weighs 3.7 pounds total with the 46 watt-hour battery and 4.2 pounds with the 92 watt-hour battery. Visit the SolarGami Kickstart page here.

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