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Birdi – more than just a smoke and carbon monoxide detector

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Birdi isn’t just a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, it’s packed with particle, temperature, and humidity sensors giving it the capability of detecting fires, pollen, and the overall air quality inside your home — which is perfect for the allergy sufferers. It connects via your Wi-Fi internet to get up to date local emergency alerts and can even call 911 on your landline if an emergency is detected. The interesting part is that it can offer suggestions to improve the air quality if it detects that you’re breathing in crap.

Even more, it can help improve your sleep by detecting stale air, dryness, and temperature changes. It will offer suggestions to improve the air humidity to ease dry skin, respiratory ailments, and cold symptoms — all so that you can sleep comfortably. When an emergency is detected, the Birdi will attempt to call home and ask whether or not the emergency is real. If the occupants in the home confirm that it is not a false alarm, Birdi will call 911; otherwise, it will automatically shut off the alarm. It knows several languages including Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and French. It’ll even send fresh batteries in the mail if it’s running low on juice. Neat! If you happen to be away from home during an emergency, Birdi will send a notification to your iPhone or Android device via a free app to keep you connected. It can even notify your neighbors if there’s danger nearby.

birdi iphone app

Of course, the monitoring services will cost extra: $9.99 a month extra to be exact. But, all Indiegogo backers will get 3 months of free service as a trial. So, how much is a Birdi? You’ll need to fork over $99 for one, $190 for two, $285 for three, or $449 for a 5-pack. If you own a big-ass house and burn dollar bills for heat, you can get a 15-pack for $1,350 or $7,900 for 100.


Via: Indiegogo

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