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Polaroll Toilet Paper Holder – shake it like a Polaroll picture!

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polaroll toilet paper holder

Instead of spitting out a Polaroid picture, the retro-looking Polaroll Toilet Paper Holder dispenses toilet paper for when you’re going number two. Resembling the the Polaroid OneStep SX-70, it’s designed to force you to use a single sheet of toilet paper, so I guess you can say it’s environmental friendly, right? In any case, you’ve got to be a die hard shutterbug to appreciate this thing ‘watching’ you handle your business. Or, it could be a nice way to make your guests feel nervous and uncomfortable when they use your bathroom.

The Polaroll Toilet Paper Holder costs $26.99 at ThinkGeek, which is pretty expensive for a TP holder. Plus, who uses only a single sheet?! And, no, it doesn’t actually take a photo of you peeing or pooping.

polaroll toilet paper holder mounted


Via: PetaPixel

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