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The Projecteo: a tiny projector for your Instagram photos

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the projecteo

The Projecteo is a cute miniature projector for your Instagram photos. The catch here is that you’ll need to send in 9 of your own Instagram photos you wish to be converted to fit the tiny wheel slide. Basically, they’ll convert your photos into a real deal 35mm Kodak film stock and cut them down to the tiny slide wheel of the Projecteo. You’ll then be able to project your images onto any wall for your enjoyment. Perfect for all those Christmas photos you just took!

projecteo in action

Due to the size of the Projecteo (roughly the size of a matchbox), it won’t be very bright. It’ll work best in the dark and can project images to a width of 2 and half feet wide. It runs on three LR41 batteries. Changing the tiny wheel slide is an easy process: simply pull out the wheel slide and insert another one. Disassembling the Projecteo is also an easy task. With the removal of a few screws, you’ll be able to see the insides of the projector, which consists of an LED light, capacitors, resistors, a switch, a decade counter, and the three batteries.

the projecteo wheel slide

The Projecteo costs a reasonable $35 (shipping not included) at Photojojo and comes included with a gift card so you can order your first custom wheel slide for free.


Via: Ubergizmo

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