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Yellow Jacket iPhone Case – it’s a shocker!

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yellow jacket iphone case

If you live in a shady neighborhood, you might want to take a close look at the Yellow Jacket iPhone Case. Notice the little metal prongs at the top? Yup, it’s a stun gun disguised as an iPhone case! With a name like Yellow Jacket (referring to wasps) it is certainly fitting. It can deliver 650,000 volts of stinging electricity, which can drop most people with ease; but with a max output of 1 milliamp it won’t be lethal. Be sure to check your local state laws before you think about buying one.

yellow jacket features

The Yellow Jacket iPhone Case features a “Hex Grip” so you’ll have full control of the case without it slipping. In addition, it has a safety switch to prevent accidental ‘shocking.’ The Yellow Jacket also has a built-in battery pack that will double as a secondary battery for your iPhone — giving you an additional 20 hours of standby. Currently, only the iPhone 4 and 4s are supported. The case is available in black, pink, red, white, and yellow for $99, which you can order directly at Yellow Jacket. There are plans to bring the Yellow Jacket Case to other phones, namely: iPhone 5, the HTC Evo and the Samsung Galaxy. Again, make sure carrying a stun gun is legal in your state.

Be warned though, the Yellow Jacket iPhone Case won’t win any design awards. This thing will add bulk to your phone, but that’s not the point. It’s designed to protect you, not win you style points.


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