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The illume – a bicycle with integrated lights

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The illume is a concept for a bicycle that aims to address every cyclist worst nightmare: getting run over by a car at night. The solution is the illume with its integrated turn signals, head lights, and rear brake lights. All the lights are embedded in the bike’s frame to keep the entire design minimalist and sleek as possible. The gimmick with the illume is equipped with a lithium-ion battery and actuator that converts the bike’s kinetic energy into electricity to power all of the lights.

Designed by Nikhil Kapoor, the concept for the illume calls for a lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber frame. The illume’s adaptive headlights ensure that road ahead is optimally lit and there is a button on each handle bar to activate the turn signals. Simply pressing on the brakes will cause the rear brake lights to glow.

illume features


Via: Yanko Design


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