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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Cookie Perfection Machine

Ben Krasnow, a mechanical and electrical engineer at Valve, has invented a cookie batter making machine to help him discover the perfect cookie recipe. The machine consists of a carousel where each station dispenses a specific ingredient for a single cookie. Using custom made software, Ben is able to tell the machine how much to dispense for each ingredient, which allows him to test up to 30 different cookie recipe in a single afternoon. I wonder if he’s hiring a tester? Count me in!


Via: YouTube

The Museum of Simulation Technology – a first person puzzle game using forced perspective

Pillow Castle Games, which is a team comprised of students from Carnegie Mellon, have come up with a tech demo that demonstrates a rarely used game mechanic based on forced perspective. Forced perspective is basically a technique that uses optical illusion to make objects appear closer, farther, larger, or smaller than they actually are. An example would be the overdone Leaning Tower of Pisa photo you’ve probably seen a ton of times, where people stand close to the camera with the tower in the background; thus, making the tower appear smaller than it really is. The same principle is applied to “The Museum of Simulation Technology,” which Pillow Castle Games is calling their tech demo. It’s a refreshing game mechanic that I hope takes off into a finished and polished game.

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Motorcycle Chopstick Painting

makoto endo motorcycle chopstick painting

Who needs a paintbrush when you can use chopsticks? That’s exactly how Japanese artist Makoto Endo feels. Instead of using a paintbrush, his weapon of choice is a chopstick. Heck, he doesn’t even need shoes! But, all that aside, his work is amazing. His masterful skill of applying paint splatter and blotches makes the bike look like it’s wet and rolling in the rain — even though the reference bike is stationary and nice in dry inside the studio. It’s awesome. Watch him in action after the break.

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RydeSafe Reflective Decals – turn your Nerf gun into a Death Ray

What do you get when you combine reflective bike decals and a Nerf gun? An alien-blasting space gun, of course! Well, okay, not really…but the RydeSafe Reflective Decals will definitely make any Nerf gun look 100x cooler in the dark. RydeSafe actually makes reflective decals for bicycles, but who says you need to apply the decals to bikes? Or Nerf guns for that matter. Apply it to your clothes and make yourself a light suit a la Tron or just stick ’em on your forehead. The option is yours!

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Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos

mountain dew cheetos

We geeks love our Mountain Dew. And we now have a new way to get our fix thanks to a discovery by jumblebutt over at Reddit. Courtesy of Frito Lay of Japan, the Mountain Dew Cheetos are covered with powder that tastes like the familiar fizzy, citrus, lemon-lime flavor we’re addicted to. Not sure if these contain caffeine, but who cares? Cheetos + Mountain Dew = Win. Find out what it looks like and how it tastes after the break.

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