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Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos

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mountain dew cheetos

We geeks love our Mountain Dew. And we now have a new way to get our fix thanks to a discovery by jumblebutt over at Reddit. Courtesy of Frito Lay of Japan, the Mountain Dew Cheetos are covered with powder that tastes like the familiar fizzy, citrus, lemon-lime flavor we’re addicted to. Not sure if these contain caffeine, but who cares? Cheetos + Mountain Dew = Win. Find out what it looks like and how it tastes after the break.

mountain dew cheetos 2

mountain dew cheetos 3

So what does it taste like? Apparently, according to jumblebutt, they taste like lemon lime chips (no surprise there):

I’m still breathing. They taste like sweet lemon lime chips. While they’re not as gross as I expected, they certainly aren’t enjoyable. It’s a pretty weird taste.

If you’re still intrigued like myself, get yourself some straight from Japan for $3.50 via JBOX. Now, imagine these in diet Mountain Dew! Aspartame covered Cheetos, anyone?


Via: Reddit

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