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RydeSafe Reflective Decals – turn your Nerf gun into a Death Ray

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What do you get when you combine reflective bike decals and a Nerf gun? An alien-blasting space gun, of course! Well, okay, not really…but the RydeSafe Reflective Decals will definitely make any Nerf gun look 100x cooler in the dark. RydeSafe actually makes reflective decals for bicycles, but who says you need to apply the decals to bikes? Or Nerf guns for that matter. Apply it to your clothes and make yourself a light suit a la Tron or just stick ’em on your forehead. The option is yours!

You can get yourself a set of reflective decals directly from RydeSafe for $9.50 to $18.50 depending on your choice. Or, hop on over to Amazon, which sells the same RydeSafe Reflective Decals for a few bucks cheaper.


Via: Notcot

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