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The Museum of Simulation Technology – a first person puzzle game using forced perspective

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Pillow Castle Games, which is a team comprised of students from Carnegie Mellon, have come up with a tech demo that demonstrates a rarely used game mechanic based on forced perspective. Forced perspective is basically a technique that uses optical illusion to make objects appear closer, farther, larger, or smaller than they actually are. An example would be the overdone Leaning Tower of Pisa photo you’ve probably seen a ton of times, where people stand close to the camera with the tower in the background; thus, making the tower appear smaller than it really is. The same principle is applied to “The Museum of Simulation Technology,” which Pillow Castle Games is calling their tech demo. It’s a refreshing game mechanic that I hope takes off into a finished and polished game.

Using forced perspective isn’t new in gaming. A team from Digipen created an experimental game, aptly called “Perspective,” that was released a year ago. Perspective utilizes the same optical illusion trick to create puzzles for players to solve. Basically, players move the camera around to discover new paths to reach each level’s exit. The game is free to download for PC. Be sure to check out the gameplay demo of Perspective below:


Via: Reddit

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