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Sharp’s 52-inch solar-powered LCD

Also at this year’s CEATEC JAPAN was Sharp’s eco-friendly 52-inch LCD that is powered by…the sun! Thanks to Sharp’s intelligent decision to use power efficient LEDs to backlight the LCD, the panel is able to consume enough solar energy to power itself. In fact, the solar panel is capable of generating 220kWh — just enough for the TV.

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Sony’s thin and curvy OLED panel

If you thought your shiny new LCD HDTV was thin, think again! Sony has showcased its impressively flexible 11-inch, 0.3mm thick OLED prototype at this year’s CEATEC JAPAN. Beyond its curved and paper-thin shape, no technical specs are known. You can expect ultra-thin panels like these to be the norm in the near future. Imagine these panels embedded inside curved walls and other surfaces! However, Sony’s prototype is nowhere near production stage. Video after the break.

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Fujitsu and NTT DoCoMo’s Separate Keitai: splits-into-two cell phone

At CEATEC Japan 2008, Fujitsu and DoCoMo showed off their “Separate Ketai” cell phone concept that literally splits into two pieces. Specifically, the display screen and the keyboard are detachable to allow the user to use the phone as they see fit. Want to use the phone as a flip-phone? Go ahead. Want a slider? Sure. How about a game pad? No problem. The secret is that the two pieces are both touchscreen, except one is responsible for displaying the information, while the other acts as the input device. They are also magnetically connected, so you can easily pull apart or put back together.

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