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HiRise – dock your Thunderbolt-equipped iDevice in style

hirise iphone dock

The HiRise dock, from Twelve South, is one elegant looking ‘pedestool’ for the Thunderbolt-equipped iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, iPad Mini, iPod Touch (5th generation), and iPod Nano (7th generation). Its name, “HiRise”, comes from the fact that the dock features a height adjustable Thunderbolt connector to accommodate virtually any case you may have on your iDevice. The best part is that the dock is specifically designed not to block the speaker. Cool!

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Yellow Jacket iPhone Case – it’s a shocker!

yellow jacket iphone case

If you live in a shady neighborhood, you might want to take a close look at the Yellow Jacket iPhone Case. Notice the little metal prongs at the top? Yup, it’s a stun gun disguised as an iPhone case! With a name like Yellow Jacket (referring to wasps) it is certainly fitting. It can deliver 650,000 volts of stinging electricity, which can drop most people with ease; but with a max output of 1 milliamp it won’t be lethal. Be sure to check your local state laws before you think about buying one.

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NES Controller iPhone 5 Case

nes controller iphone case

The NES Controller Case for the iPhone 5/5s is for the retro gamer looking for a bit of nostalgia or simply a matching phone case to go with the NES Controller Backpack. The case features every button available on the classic NES controller: the Start and Select buttons, the D-pad, and the “A” and “B” buttons. The best part is that all of the buttons are press-able! Unfortunately, that’s all you’ll be able to do with them as they are obviously nonfunctional.

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iPhone Air Concept

The iPhone Air concept from SET Solution imagines what the next iPhone iteration would look like. SET Solution’s rendition of the iPhone Air has a tapering profile just like the MacBook Air. At its thinnest point the phone measures 1.5mm at the top and gradually thickens to 3mm at the base. Weighing only 70 grams, the iPhone Air is 42 grams lighter than the 5s. Spec-wise, it’s got a 5″ screen, 10 megapixel camera, and Touch ID. If that video concept wasn’t enough, check out the unboxing of the iPhone Air after the jump.

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Batman Tumbler iPhone case

batman tumbler iphone case

Holy Batman! Check out the Batman Tumbler iPhone case! Compatible with the Apple iPhone 5 and 5s, the Tumbler case will make any Dark Knight fan happy. The best part is that by pressing a button on the Tumbler case it will activate the Bat signal, which is emitted from the jet nozzle allowing you to project it against a wall. Awesome! The case also has an extendable left wheel to reveal the camera, so it won’t get in the way in the event you’d like to take a picture with the case on.

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Honda’s Smartphone Case N: an airbag case for your phone

honda smartphone case n

Okay, so before you all get excited, it’s a joke. Honda isn’t really making an airbag case for your iPhone or Android device. I believe it’s a marketing video for Honda’s N-WGN and all of the technological wizardry Honda is capable of. While it is a joke, I do find the airbag case to have some merit. I mean, how many smartphones do you reckon get shattered from falling each day? I’d say a shit ton. Unfortunately, a design like the one in Honda’s gag would be too cumbersome. Try fitting that in your pocket. It ain’t gonna happen. Nevertheless, enjoy the video. I still found it funny, despite it being in Japanese and I didn’t understand a lick of it.

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