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Cabela’s ColorPhase Camouflage

cabelas colorphase camouflage

The last thing you want to do when hunting is to stick out like a sore thumb. Cabela’s, the outdoor recreation store, has come up with the ColorPhase Camouflage that changes color depending on the outside temperature. When the temperature exceeds 65 degrees Fahrenheit, the clothing changes to a greenish color to match the spring and summer hues of the foliage. Otherwise, when colder, the camouflage will turn a brownish color to match the fall season.

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Scottevest Blackout Pocket – a Faraday cage in your pocket

blackout pocket

Afraid of the NSA from tracking your every move? With threats constantly evolving, the best way to protect yourself and your data is to stay “off the grid.” Enter the Blackout Pocket from Scottevest. It is a pocket that is lined with an anti-RFID material, which the company is calling “RFID Armor,” to block skimmers from reading your RFID-enabled devices. It is designed to hold passports, wallets, credit cards, and other similar sized items.

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Batman Raincoat (with boots and umbrella)

batman raincoat

Sorry, men. This one’s for little dudes. The Batman Raincoat from Western Chief lets little boys fight crime in the rain. Crime never sleeps in the rain! The Batman Raincoat comes complete with a detachable cape. The raincoat also has snap closures and deep pockets – because kids love to bring their toys with them everywhere. To complete the look, matching Batman boots and umbrella are sold separately. Available at Amazon, the raincoat will set you back $36, the boots cost $20 – $45 depending on shoe size, and the umbrella is $18.

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Criquet’s Bendle Sleeve – can’t tear this with a twist-off

criquet bendle sleeve white

Did you ruin your favorite shirt from twisting off the cap of that Bud Light? Well, take this opportunity to find yourself a new favorite shirt from Criquet. Criquet has a new line of button down shirts that feature its Bendle Sleeve. What’s a Bendle Sleeve? It’s essentially an extra layer of fabric “strategically positioned” at the bottom portion of the shirt so that you can twist-off bottle caps without worrying about tearing it.

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Notebook Canvas Tote Bag and T-Shirt

notebook canvas tote bag and notebook t-shirt

Check out the Notebook Canvas Bag and T-shirt from Liz Stanley, a contributor over at Say Yes to Hoboken and Momtastic. It reminds me of my elementary school days, where my mom would have to buy an endless supply of wide ruled paper. Liz has all of the DIY instructions for you to make your own. I find the Notebook Lined T-Shirt to be hilariously cute. If you’re going to attempt this for your child, the trick will be to prevent all of the other kids from taking out their sharpies and writing all over his/her shirt. On the other hand, I can see the Notebook Tote Bag to be a great present for your child’s favorite teacher this Christmas.

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Super Mario Belt – amazing!

super mario bros belt

From Etsy seller, SalukiFeathers, comes the Super Mario Belt with the entire last level of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros stitched onto the belt. Hand-made from leather, this thing is impressive. However, the belt buckle is wrong. It’s Racoon Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3, which doesn’t match the level depicted on the belt (which is from the original Super Mario Bros. game). Nonetheless, the belt is still amazing. Unfortunately, as all awesome stuff are, the Super Mario Belt is expensive. $335…for a belt with Mario on it. Yikes.

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