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Review: Super Mini Notebook Fan

super mini notebook fan scaled

I received a review request from BudgetGadgets for a laptop cooler aptly named the Super Mini Notebook Fan. Coincidentally, I was in the market for a cooler for my MacBook, which gets uncomfortably hot towards the battery area. Conveniently, it arrived last week. Off the bat, the Super Mini Notebook Fan costs a mere $7.08 USD. How good can a less than $10 laptop cooler be? Read the brief review after the jump.

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Fujitsu Secure USB Memory Drive

Don’t you just hate it when you leave your flash drive with sensitive data at your friend’s house? Do you wish your flash drive had a ‘self-erase’ mode? No worries. Fujitsu has developed the Secure USB Memory Drive that works just like any ordinary flash drive, but this one will automatically erase itself after a preset amount of time. The Secure USB Memory Drive also has a feature called, “File Redirect”, which can block access to the file contents (or erase itself) if it is connected to an unauthorized computer.

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NEC LaVie G Hello Kitty Courrèges Laptop

To continue Hello Kitty’s path to world domination, Sanrio has teamed up with NEC to produce a laptop known as the NEC LaVie G Hello Kitty Courrèges. Covered in pink, the Hello Kitty laptop was designed with the help of French fashion designer, Courrèges. Not surprisingly, the NEC LaVie G Hello Kitty Courrèges Laptop is mainly targeted towards the ladies.

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Samsung MV100 and MZ100: eco-friendly desktop PCs

Samsung is set to release the eco-friendly MV100 Tower and MZ100 Slim Tower desktop PCs to ‘green’ computer users worldwide. So, what makes the MV100 and MZ100 so environmental friendly? They only use 1 Watt of power in stand-by mode and 60 Watts in power saving mode. Spec-wise, the desktops will come equipped with an Intel G43 chipset and will come with either a GeForce 9600GT 512MB of VRAM, or the 9500GS with 512MB of VRAM. Nothing mind blowing, but slightly above average. More pics after the jump.

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Sony JS1-Series All-In-One PC: iMac clone?

Sony is not new to the all-in-one PC market. They’ve been selling the VAIO VGC-LT series for quite some time now. However, inevitably, the LT series are now being replaced by the JS1 series. The sleek and elegant designed Sony VAIO JS1 features a 20.1-inch LCD panel (1680 x 1050), Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, DVD/Blu-ray drive, integrated Intel GMA X4500HD graphics, and built-in Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n.

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Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

Do you find typing on your Smartphone or PDA (do these still exist?) a pain in the butt? Check out the Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard manufactured by i-Tech. Basically, the Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard projects a full-sized virtual QWERTY keyboard on any flat surface, allowing you to tap the ‘virtual keys’ as if you were using a real physical keyboard. For feedback, a clicking sound is emitted from the device with each virtual key stroke. Video after the jump.

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