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Category Archives: concepts

The illume – a bicycle with integrated lights


The illume is a concept for a bicycle that aims to address every cyclist worst nightmare: getting run over by a car at night. The solution is the illume with its integrated turn signals, head lights, and rear brake lights. All the lights are embedded in the bike’s frame to keep the entire design minimalist and sleek as possible. The gimmick with the illume is equipped with a lithium-ion battery and actuator that converts the bike’s kinetic energy into electricity to power all of the lights.

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Garlic Lamp – keep the vampires away!

garlic lamp

They say garlic is one of the healthiest food you can eat. It supposedly helps health ailments ranging from cancer to hair loss. Some say it can even help you lose weight. So, why wouldn’t you want this ‘superfood’ hanging off your ceiling? You can with the Garlic Lamp. Designed by Ukrainian designer, Anton Naselevets, the Garlic Lamp looks like a head of garlic that is surprisingly elegant. The concept lamp lets light bleed through its translucent material and radiate out the bottom. You won’t even need to pop a breath mint to enjoy it.

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Stockwerk – foldable shelves that grows to the size you need

stockwerk shelves

From German design company, Meike Harde, comes an ingenious concept for shelves. Called the “Stockwerk,” the shelves feature a solid wood construction and piano hinges so you can compress or expand the shelves to the size you require. The chamfered boards add stability to the entire structure. The folding design makes it extremely portable, so you can easily move the Stockwerk to any room you wish. No tools are required to set up the Stockwerk.

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iPhone Air Concept

The iPhone Air concept from SET Solution imagines what the next iPhone iteration would look like. SET Solution’s rendition of the iPhone Air has a tapering profile just like the MacBook Air. At its thinnest point the phone measures 1.5mm at the top and gradually thickens to 3mm at the base. Weighing only 70 grams, the iPhone Air is 42 grams lighter than the 5s. Spec-wise, it’s got a 5″ screen, 10 megapixel camera, and Touch ID. If that video concept wasn’t enough, check out the unboxing of the iPhone Air after the jump.

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Gigs 2 Go Tear-Off USB Drives

gigs 2 go

You know those posters you find at public community boards, where people post stuff for sale, apartments for rent, or lost items and all you do is tear off a piece of the paper containing a phone number to call? Well, imagine the tearing off part, but replace it with USB drives and you’ll have the Gigs 2 Go. Currently a Kickstarter project, the Gigs 2 Go Tear-Off USB Drives aims to solve the problem of having to “give away” or leave behind your expensive USB drive with a client or when you need to large transfer files in a hurry, but a network connection or optical media is unavailable or problematic to use. The idea is to simply ‘tear off’ a USB thumb drive each time you need to transfer files.

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Mieru Record with Otowa = music box + manga comic strip

mieru record with otowa

The Mieru Record with Otowa is a little mechanical organ that plays music notes based off the holes punched in Japanese manga comic strips. Simply load the comic strip into the Mieru Record and start cranking. The holes in the paper strips essentially act as musical notes that are read and played by the Mieru Record. The music adds a new dimension to reading manga. Obviously, the faster you crank, the faster your read, which also controls how fast the music is played.

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