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Cookie Perfection Machine

Ben Krasnow, a mechanical and electrical engineer at Valve, has invented a cookie batter making machine to help him discover the perfect cookie recipe. The machine consists of a carousel where each station dispenses a specific ingredient for a single cookie. Using custom made software, Ben is able to tell the machine how much to dispense for each ingredient, which allows him to test up to 30 different cookie recipe in a single afternoon. I wonder if he’s hiring a tester? Count me in!


Via: YouTube

Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos

mountain dew cheetos

We geeks love our Mountain Dew. And we now have a new way to get our fix thanks to a discovery by jumblebutt over at Reddit. Courtesy of Frito Lay of Japan, the Mountain Dew Cheetos are covered with powder that tastes like the familiar fizzy, citrus, lemon-lime flavor we’re addicted to. Not sure if these contain caffeine, but who cares? Cheetos + Mountain Dew = Win. Find out what it looks like and how it tastes after the break.

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Christmas Tinner – reviewed!

Remember the Christmas Tinner from GAME that supposedly sold out? You know, the 9-layered Christmas meal in a can aimed at gamers with no time to make dinner? Well, it turns out it was actually real. YouTuber Steviejacko, aka Steve Jackson, managed to get his hands on a can and review it. I gotta say, the outcome was pretty surprising — I mean, when Steve popped the contents out of the Tinner and onto his plate, it sure looked disgusting. Not sure if it is actually that good or if he was just hungry…


Via: Geekosystem

Muffin Tops Baking Cups

muffin tops baking cups

While strolling the mall trying to get my Christmas shopping done, I saw a plenty of ‘muffin tops’ (for the unfamiliar, it refers to a bulge hanging over jeans). Leaving the fat jokes behind, you can imagine my amusement when I ran across the Muffin Tops Baking Cups from Fred & Friends. They take the literal meaning of the term ‘muffin tops’ and run with it. These will yield delicious bulges that I gladly approve of.

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Periodic Table of Alcohol – a bit of science for drunks

periodic table of alcohol_scaled

Designer, illustrator, and part-time drunk, Mayra Artes, created an infographic for the alcoholics. Called the Periodic Table of Alcohol, the chart provides “important” information regarding popular alcoholic drinks, ranging from “Diesel” to “Shit On Grass” (I’ll admit, this one is new to me). The chart replaces the atomic number and atomic mass with each drink’s type of beverage, flavor, alcohol percentage, and its year of creation.

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ToastyMUG – keeps your hands toasty too


Cupping your mug with both hands while you sip on your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate is a natural thing to do, especially in cold weather. We do it to obviously warm our hands and that is exactly what ToastyMUG embraces. It’s a mug that doubles as a hand warmer! The ToastyMUG features an unique handle that allows you to slip both of your cold hands in to enjoy the emanating heat from your hot beverage.

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