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Beer Bites Snack Bowl: nuts sold separately

beer bites snack bowl

Beer and snacks go hand in hand. With the Super Bowl just around the corner, you’re gonna need a dish to serve those delicious morsels in. And what better dish to serve them in than the Beer Bites Snack Bowl from Fred and Friends. Obviously, the name says it all. Made of porcelain, the 10 x 3 inch Beer Bites Snack Bowl costs just under $14 at Amazon. Ice cold beer? Check. Beer Bites Snack Bowl filled with nuts? Check. Football game on TV? Check. What more do you need?

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Stirio Automatic Pot Stirrer

stirio automatic pot stirrer

Have you ever followed a recipe that required you to constantly stir so you don’t end up burning the food? Since nobody likes burnt food, you end up stirring until your arms go numb. Well, say “Goodbye” to the numbness and “Hello” to the Stirio Automatic Pot Stirrer from Norwegian company, Unika. Made out of heat resistant plastic, the Stirio and its two stirring speeds is here to save your arm from falling off. It has rechargeable batteries boasting enough power to stir your risotto, stew, or porridge for a good 45 minutes. The Stirio features adjustable arms so it can accommodate to fit most pots. Video of it in action after the break.

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Frolle: wall hangers that make you hungry


The Frolle wall hangers, designed by Andrea Brugnera, will make you crave some sweets each time you look at them. Made from wood, the Frolle resembles an assortment of cookie shapes and come in either a delicious chocolate or cream glaze (read: lacquer). To top it off, even the packaging looks like a shortbread box. I think the Frolle wall hangers look good without anything hanging on them — I’d imagine a nice blank kitchen wall would work best. Of course, the Frolle would work on any wall. Man, just writing this post is making me hungry.

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Christmas dinner in a can for gamers

christmas tinner dinner in a can

When it’s gaming time, it’s gaming time! We gamers have no time to eat. Eating is for noobs. Okay, well, not really. I love food and I like to eat. But, it’s no doubt that we gamers will sometimes skip a meal or eat late just so we can finish our gaming session. And come this Christmas, we’ll probably be sticking to our Taco Bells and Mountain Dews to ring in the New Year. Thankfully, though, UK based video game retailer, GAME, knows what’s up and they’re coming to the Christmas rescue of all gamers around the world. GAME is bringing the Christmas Tinner, a true Christmas dinner in a can. The can is stuffed with 9 layers of deliciousness: Christmas pudding, roasted carrots and parsnips, brussel sprouts with stuffing, cranberry sauce, bread sauce, gravy, turkey and potatoes, mince pie, and scrambled eggs and bacon. Nom Nom!

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Donkey Kong Wedding Cake – with awesome soundtrack

So, what happens when you have a white wedding cake, a NES, and a projector? Well, you get a Donkey Kong Wedding Cake. The cake was made by Meals for Reals while all the tech wizardry was done by POSH Entertainment DJs. The icing on the cake is the soundtrack. It’s awesome. I’ve played the video several times just to listen to the music. Using projector mapping, the white cake essentially becomes the projector screen. Of all the video games shown, Donkey Kong obviously works the best since it seems to fit the tiers of the cake. All the other games looked crammed onto the cake.


Via: Youtube

The Retro Fridge Bento Box

mustard retro fridge bento box

Check out this cool lunch box in the shape of a red retro fridge. Pretty funky! The Retro Fridge Bento Box from Mustard is actually 5 pieces as it comes with a lid, two layers of bento containers, a spoon, a fork, and a lid. The lid creates an air tight seal, so you don’t have to worry about your food spilling out. Come lunch time, it’ll be like you’re actually getting your lunch out of a mini fridge, except your food will mostly likely be at room temperature by then.

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