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Category Archives: fun

RydeSafe Reflective Decals – turn your Nerf gun into a Death Ray

What do you get when you combine reflective bike decals and a Nerf gun? An alien-blasting space gun, of course! Well, okay, not really…but the RydeSafe Reflective Decals will definitely make any Nerf gun look 100x cooler in the dark. RydeSafe actually makes reflective decals for bicycles, but who says you need to apply the decals to bikes? Or Nerf guns for that matter. Apply it to your clothes and make yourself a light suit a la Tron or just stick ’em on your forehead. The option is yours!

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Ninja Shuriken Magnets

ninja shuriken magnets

Ninja-fy your kitchen with the Ninja Shuriken Magnets from Megawing. You can leave the mark of a ninja by sticking these magnets on your fridge to hold all of your notes and messages. The shuriken magnets measure 3.1 x 2.4-inches and each package contains a set of two magnets. While they aren’t deadly, it’ll still make any fridge or other metallic surface look badass.

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Periodic Table of Alcohol – a bit of science for drunks

periodic table of alcohol_scaled

Designer, illustrator, and part-time drunk, Mayra Artes, created an infographic for the alcoholics. Called the Periodic Table of Alcohol, the chart provides “important” information regarding popular alcoholic drinks, ranging from “Diesel” to “Shit On Grass” (I’ll admit, this one is new to me). The chart replaces the atomic number and atomic mass with each drink’s type of beverage, flavor, alcohol percentage, and its year of creation.

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Flower Shell

flower shell

Turn your 12 gauge shotgun into a life giver, instead of a life taker. The Flower Shell, for the most part, looks like a 12 gauge shotgun shell, except it is filled with the seeds of your choice: columbines, cornflowers, daises, poppies, sunflowers, clematises, lavenders, sweet peas, lupines, carnations, and peonies. All you gotta do is load up a Flower Shell into your 12 gauge and shoot the ground. The modified shell has reduced gun powder so that the seeds don’t go too deep into the ground.

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Beer Bites Snack Bowl: nuts sold separately

beer bites snack bowl

Beer and snacks go hand in hand. With the Super Bowl just around the corner, you’re gonna need a dish to serve those delicious morsels in. And what better dish to serve them in than the Beer Bites Snack Bowl from Fred and Friends. Obviously, the name says it all. Made of porcelain, the 10 x 3 inch Beer Bites Snack Bowl costs just under $14 at Amazon. Ice cold beer? Check. Beer Bites Snack Bowl filled with nuts? Check. Football game on TV? Check. What more do you need?

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Batman Tumbler iPhone case

batman tumbler iphone case

Holy Batman! Check out the Batman Tumbler iPhone case! Compatible with the Apple iPhone 5 and 5s, the Tumbler case will make any Dark Knight fan happy. The best part is that by pressing a button on the Tumbler case it will activate the Bat signal, which is emitted from the jet nozzle allowing you to project it against a wall. Awesome! The case also has an extendable left wheel to reveal the camera, so it won’t get in the way in the event you’d like to take a picture with the case on.

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