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Ninja Shuriken Magnets

ninja shuriken magnets

Ninja-fy your kitchen with the Ninja Shuriken Magnets from Megawing. You can leave the mark of a ninja by sticking these magnets on your fridge to hold all of your notes and messages. The shuriken magnets measure 3.1 x 2.4-inches and each package contains a set of two magnets. While they aren’t deadly, it’ll still make any fridge or other metallic surface look badass.

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Garlic Lamp – keep the vampires away!

garlic lamp

They say garlic is one of the healthiest food you can eat. It supposedly helps health ailments ranging from cancer to hair loss. Some say it can even help you lose weight. So, why wouldn’t you want this ‘superfood’ hanging off your ceiling? You can with the Garlic Lamp. Designed by Ukrainian designer, Anton Naselevets, the Garlic Lamp looks like a head of garlic that is surprisingly elegant. The concept lamp lets light bleed through its translucent material and radiate out the bottom. You won’t even need to pop a breath mint to enjoy it.

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Birdi – more than just a smoke and carbon monoxide detector


Birdi isn’t just a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, it’s packed with particle, temperature, and humidity sensors giving it the capability of detecting fires, pollen, and the overall air quality inside your home — which is perfect for the allergy sufferers. It connects via your Wi-Fi internet to get up to date local emergency alerts and can even call 911 on your landline if an emergency is detected. The interesting part is that it can offer suggestions to improve the air quality if it detects that you’re breathing in crap.

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Stockwerk – foldable shelves that grows to the size you need

stockwerk shelves

From German design company, Meike Harde, comes an ingenious concept for shelves. Called the “Stockwerk,” the shelves feature a solid wood construction and piano hinges so you can compress or expand the shelves to the size you require. The chamfered boards add stability to the entire structure. The folding design makes it extremely portable, so you can easily move the Stockwerk to any room you wish. No tools are required to set up the Stockwerk.

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Polaroll Toilet Paper Holder – shake it like a Polaroll picture!

polaroll toilet paper holder

Instead of spitting out a Polaroid picture, the retro-looking Polaroll Toilet Paper Holder dispenses toilet paper for when you’re going number two. Resembling the the Polaroid OneStep SX-70, it’s designed to force you to use a single sheet of toilet paper, so I guess you can say it’s environmental friendly, right? In any case, you’ve got to be a die hard shutterbug to appreciate this thing ‘watching’ you handle your business. Or, it could be a nice way to make your guests feel nervous and uncomfortable when they use your bathroom.

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myLifter – keeps your garage clutter free


The myLifter is a winch looking device that’s about the size of an adult fist capable of lifting 50 pounds. The obvious use for the myLifter is in the garage to lift up bikes and storage containers off of the floor. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 so you can download an app to your Apple device to lift or lower objects with the simple push of a button. If you don’t own a smartphone, you can mount an optional remote control to your garage wall which will also let you control the myLifter.

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