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AT&T to get ‘Surface’


No, we won’t be seeing cell phones equipped with Microsoft’s touch-screen technology. Instead, the Surface table will be showcased in AT&T stores to help provide customers with additional information regarding the cell phones on sale at the store. Surface will be available in 22 stores on April 17 and is programmed to support up to eight AT&T phones. Customers simply need to place one of the demo phones onto Surface and the table will display relevant information regarding the phone. This allows the customer to interact with the table and learn about the features and specs of the phone in question. Think of it like an addition to the sales team.

Watch the videos to see how the Surface table would work:



Windows 98 and XP sound effects song

Similar to the Mac OS X sound effects song, posted a couple weeks ago, here’s a Windows version. The sounds taken in this video are from Windows 98 and XP. Enjoy.


Via: Tech Digest

Firefly demo of Microsoft’s Surface

A video game demo of Firefly running Microsoft’s Surface has been hitting the Internet tubes. If you aren’t familiar with Surface, just think: large touchscreen computer monitor. The game requires the players to collect fireflies into their glass jars. Players must use their fingers to coax the bugs into their jar. For more evil players, you can smash the fireflies by touch the bugs directly. Microsoft’s Surface is multi-touch capable, able to detect multiple fingers touching the screen. Firefly was a rather simple demo, though, as stated in the video, won’t likely see public release. Enjoy.


Via: TechAmok

MediaCarts: high-tech shopping carts


Being tested in Singapore, is the MediaCarts, a new high-tech shopping cart capable of displaying advertisements as a shopper strolls around the store. The MediaCarts are currently being pilot tested in a Singapore supermarket, Tesco. The carts are equipped with an LCD display and can sense their location within the store. Depending on the cart’s location, it will display promotional ads for nearby products. Interestingly, the MediaCart can also inform shoppers of the location of any item within the store. Simply input the product you are looking for and it’ll show you a map of the store with the location of the product. The MediaCart also tracks the movement of shoppers and their purchasing behavior.

Update: Apparently, the carts were first tested in the U.S. with Microsoft and Wakefern Food Corporation at ShopRite stores on the east coast.


Via: Physorg

Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive now $49


With Sony’s Blu-ray winning the format wars, logically retailers are desperate to clear their HD-DVD players. Including Microsoft. You can now get the add-on drive for your Xbox 360 for only $49.

As long as you don’t mind eventually buying a Blu-ray later…



Windows 7 video leaked?

The next major release of Windows may have been just leaked. A video is out in the wild purporting to be a demo of Windows 7.

Microsoft remains to be quiet about its next Windows iteration. ThinkNext has the screenshots of the upcoming OS.


Via: Engadget