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A Visual Compendium of Cameras – Top 100 ‘landmark’ cameras

a compendium of cameras scaled

Here’s an interesting infographic that shutterbugs would appreciate. From the folks over at Pop Chart Lab, A Visual Compendium of Cameras, highlights the top 100 most influential professional and consumer-grade cameras in chronological order, starting with “The Kodak” of 1888 and ending with the GoPro Hero 3 of 2013. Interestingly, the iPhone 5 made the list for 2012 and so did the Lytro, the camera that lets you adjust focus after snapping the photo. Check out the entire infographic in its full glory after the break.

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Polaroll Toilet Paper Holder – shake it like a Polaroll picture!

polaroll toilet paper holder

Instead of spitting out a Polaroid picture, the retro-looking Polaroll Toilet Paper Holder dispenses toilet paper for when you’re going number two. Resembling the the Polaroid OneStep SX-70, it’s designed to force you to use a single sheet of toilet paper, so I guess you can say it’s environmental friendly, right? In any case, you’ve got to be a die hard shutterbug to appreciate this thing ‘watching’ you handle your business. Or, it could be a nice way to make your guests feel nervous and uncomfortable when they use your bathroom.

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The Projecteo: a tiny projector for your Instagram photos

the projecteo

The Projecteo is a cute miniature projector for your Instagram photos. The catch here is that you’ll need to send in 9 of your own Instagram photos you wish to be converted to fit the tiny wheel slide. Basically, they’ll convert your photos into a real deal 35mm Kodak film stock and cut them down to the tiny slide wheel of the Projecteo. You’ll then be able to project your images onto any wall for your enjoyment. Perfect for all those Christmas photos you just took!

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LAST Camera: build it yourself!

last camera

Still too stubborn to move to a digital SLR? Are you a fan of how film photography looks? Check out the LAST Camera, which is a camera that you build yourself. Using several snap-on plastic pieces, anyone can build this DIY camera. The assembly of the LAST Camera reminds me of the Gundam model kits I used to build when growing up. Its perfect for the professional shutterbugs looking to experiment with a toy camera or to give to kids as their first foray into photography.

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Impossible Instant Lab: keeping the Polaroid memories alive

impossible instant lab

Do you miss shaking it like a Polaroid picture? Okay, you retro photographer! The team behind the Impossible Instant Lab wants you to forget about digital pictures. They would like to keep you in the old school days with analog photography, aka Polaroid pictures. So, what is it, you ask? It’s a photo printer…err, I mean, it’s an “instant lab.” What started out as a Kickstart project, the Impossible Instant Lab takes your digital photos from your Apple iPhone 4/5 (or iPod Touch) and converts them into an analog form, which is reminiscent of a Polaroid.

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Autographer – automatically photograph your life


The Autographer, developed by the Oxford Metrics Group, is a clip-on camera that lets you take photos of your life’s every waking moment. It’s being touted as the “world’s first intelligent, wearable camera.” You can pretty much attach the Autographer anywhere: on your shirt pocket, pants, and even your necklace (or make into a necklace). Heck, wear it on your forehead! The idea is to simply wear the Autographer and let it take random photos as you go about your daily routine. The kicker here is that you have no control of when the camera will snap a photo (hence, why it’s called intelligent). It relies on its array of sensors to help it determine the “optimal moment” to take a photo. There is no shutter button on this thing. The Autographer is equipped with a 5 megapixel image sensor, Bluetooth, GPS, accelerometer, magnetometer, temperature, color sensor, and PIR (which uses infrared to sense movement). So, how well does the Autographer perform? Keep on reading to check out PC Pro’s review of it.

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