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SolarGami – foldable solar panels


What happens when you combine solar panels with origami? The SolarGami, of course! Currently a Kickstarter project, the SolarGami is a portable solar panel that unfolds to harness the sun’s power to charge your mobile devices. Its foldable design allows it to be extremely portable and lightweight making it a perfect addition to your travel/camping gear. When unfolded, it spans to a large-area solar array that is capable of generating up to 25 watts of electricity and storing the excess energy to a removable battery.

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Moga Ace Power: iPhone/iPod game controller

moga ace power controller

The Moga Ace Power controller lets you game on your Thunderbolt equipped Apple iPhone or iPod Touch without those silly onscreen touch controls. The Moga Ace Power features a console-like button layout: dual analog sticks, a D-Pad, four shoulder buttons, and four face buttons. In fact, the controller looks awfully similar to an Xbox 360 controller. It also has an expandable design to accommodate the slightly differing sizes of the iPhone and iPod Touch. The design also allows users to contract the controller (reducing its size) for portability, so you can slip the controller in your pocket and game on the go.

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HiddenRadio2 Bluetooth MultiSpeaker, now with Magic Lift!


Two years later, John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria are at it again, this time with a newer and better version of their original Hidden Radio. The newer model, called HiddenRadio2, retains the Bluetooth, but boasts better sound quality and adds new features like touch controls, speakerphone with built-in microphone, multipoint, NFC sync, improved battery life, and Magic Lift. John and Vitor are claiming that their proprietary neodymium dual speaker allows it to have 360-degrees of crystal clear highs and some thumping low-end bass — basically, they propose that the HiddenRadio2 has a flatter response than similar portable speaker systems. Sure sounds like marketing fluff (especially with such a small speaker), but I haven’t heard the speaker in action, so I’ll reserve judgement.

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PUMA Soundchuck – like nunchucks, but with speakers

PUMA, mostly known for their athletic apparel, is apparently trying its hands in consumer electronics with the Soundchuck. The PUMA Soundchuck is a Bluetooth portable speaker that features a very durable design. The speakers are weather resistant (water and freeze-proof) and has a flexible silicon cord that connects the two small speakers — so you can swing this around like a nun-chuck. The Soundchuck is equipped with a 1100mAh lithium ion battery that provides over 8 hours of juice. Recharging is done via micro-USB. Despite it’s small size (it weighs less than a pound), PUMA claims the Soundchuck’s speakers boast a big sound.

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Modal – Portable Bluetooth Speakers, with a twist!

modal speakers

Check out the Modal, which is a wireless portable speaker that sports a unique twist. It works with any Bluetooth device and features 3 Watts of power, a mute function, and a microphone for when you want to use it as a speaker phone for hands-free communication on your cell phone. Its rechargeable battery will last for up to 5 hours between charging. So, what’s the unique twist, you ask? The Modal is equipped with an accelerator, which allows you to simply flip the speaker upside down to enable the mute function. And when you want to answer a call, simply shake the Modal to answer. Pretty neat. Hit the jump to see a video demonstration, courtesy of Best Buy.

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Sushi flash drives: “handmade”

Sushi themed gadgets are awesome, and these Sushi USB Flash Drives are no exception. They look almost good enough to eat. Perfect for the sushi lovers, you can get your flash drive in tuna, shrimp, Ikura (salmon roe), Futomaki, Uni, Mentai (Pickled Cod Roe), Ebi, Egg, and even Sake! All you need is some wasabi and soy sauce.

Damn, I’m hungry…

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