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Automated Zen Garden

Using a combination of motors and pulleys and what I assume is a computer running some sort of software to orchestrate the contraption, the automated Zen Garden is definitely a Zen Garden for the lazy. The only thing that is missing are the rocks. Anyways, hit the ‘Play’ button, sit back, relax, and watch this magically draw lines.


The Motoman SDA10: makes pancakes

motoman sda10 1

The Motoman SDA10 (aka the Okonomiyaki Robot), created by Osaka-based robot makers Toyo Riki Company, is capable of receiving verbal orders to make traditional Japanese flour-based pancakes, called Okonomiyaki. Showcased at the International Food Machinery and Technology Exhibition in Tokyo, the robot measures 4.5 feet tall and weighs about 480 pounds. The Motoman SDA10 sports 15 motorized joints giving its two arms/hands the dexterity it needs to pour the batter onto a grill and flip the pancakes with a spatula. Watch the videos to see the Motoman in action.

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Hexapodmeisterschaft: decapitated dancing robot head

Designed by students from the HTL Saalfelden engineering school in Austria, the Hexapodmeisterschaft is a six-legged robot that has been programmed to dance. Watch the Hexapodmeisterschaft swing its metal joints to the tune of Mambo #5 by Lou Bega. I guess the students were a fan of Bega, because the decapitated head on the robot looks just like him, minus the shades of course. Proof after the jump…

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Recycled Typewriter Robots

When you see old typewriters laying around covered in dust, what do you see? If you’re like me, you see ancient technology that shouldn’t even exist anymore. But, Jeremy Mayer sees things differently. Working with typewriters since 1994 in Iowa, Mayer sees robots hidden within the typewriters. He started by taking apart a typewriter on his free time and studying the individual raw parts of the machine. Taking what he learned and his love for science fiction, creating typewriter robots was the next logical step.

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ckBot: robot that rebuilds itself

Created by associate professors Mark Yim and C.J. Taylor of the University of Pennsylvania (Modular Robotics Lab), the ckBot is one of those head-scratching inventions that leave you wondering how the heck they made it. The ckBot is a robot made of several small blocks that are each equipped with a computer, several motors, an accelerometer, camera, wireless connection, proximity sensor, and signaling light. When assembled, the robot is able to stand and walk. However, the amazing part is that when the ckBot is broken apart, by kicking it for example, the pieces are able to find each other and rebuild its entire self. More videos after the break.

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Repliee R-1: scary as hell

Okay, this Japanese robot gives me the tingles in my spine. Called the Repliee R-1, the robot was designed at Osaka University’s Robotics Department and was modeled after a 5 year-old Japanese girl. The robot sports a very flexible, almost human-like skin. Out of all the humans they could have modeled the Repliee R-1 after, they had to choose a creepy little kid…

This will probably give me nightmares after I post this. Think happy thoughts…yeah…happy thoughts…

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