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Arctic Force Snowball Blaster and Crossbow

arctic force snowball blaster and crossbow

Nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ more than blasting your sibling’s face with a snowball. The Arctic Force Snowball Blaster and the Arctic Force Snowball Crossbow from Wham-O are weapons that will win you snowball fights every time. Both toys work relatively the same. Simply load up or scoop up snow in the cup located in the front of the gun, pull back on the cup (like a sling shot), and release! The main difference (beside the look of them) is that the Arctic Force Snowball Blaster has a longer range of 80 feet (versus 60 feet for the Crossbow) and can store up to three snowballs at a time (versus one at a time for the Crossbow). Both of them come with a vinyl target and require no assembly, just buy ’em and start lobbing the snowballs! Check out a quick overview of both the Arctic Force Snowball Blaster and Crossbow after the break.

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Micro R/C 4-Channel Flying Saucer: it floats!

Remember the Jump Jet RC Plane? Here’s another cool R/C flying vehicle, the Micro R/C 4-Channel Flying Saucer. Costing $99.99 USD at ThinkGeek, the Flying Saucer boasts a solid-state accelerometer to help it maintain stability in the air. It sports four propellers that powers it into the air. Control is managed through a 4-channel remote control. You can control the Flying Saucer forward, reverse, left or right. You can rotate in place, and move up and down. Video demo after the jump.

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Futurama turned LEGO

Yes, more Lego! This time, for the Futurama fans. Check out the Lego Futurama characters made by Ochre Jelly of MOCpages. There’s really nothing more to say than it’s AWESOME. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

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LEGO Bikes

Designed by Milto, his one of a kind LEGO brick bikes are eye-deceivingly real looking. The level of detail on the bikes are impressive, especially given the fact that they’re made from plastic bricks. I’m not quite sure what the exact size of the bikes are, but from the looks of it, they’re not too large. So, unless you’re a newborn or a very light-weighted person, you won’t be able to sit on one of these. If Milto was able to make a life-sized one and put a real motorcycle engine in one of them, I’d probably buy it.

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Shy Guy Plush toy

The Shy Guy first appeared in Doki Doki Panic in Japan, and later in the United States in Super Mario Bros. 2. Now it makes an appearance as a plush toy, thanks to Etsy seller, obesolete. Costing $25, the purple Shy Guy measures a mere $25 and is currently still for sale as of this post.

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Remote Control Mario Kart


If you enjoy Mario Kart Wii as much as I do, check out this radio controlled Mario Kart. This will probably be the closest thing you’ll get to real life Mario Kart. Unfortunately, this 1/32 scale model of Mario riding his kart can only go forward, backwards, or 360 degree turns. However, this toy will certainly keep the Mario Kart fans (and kiddies) happy.

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