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The Museum of Simulation Technology – a first person puzzle game using forced perspective

Pillow Castle Games, which is a team comprised of students from Carnegie Mellon, have come up with a tech demo that demonstrates a rarely used game mechanic based on forced perspective. Forced perspective is basically a technique that uses optical illusion to make objects appear closer, farther, larger, or smaller than they actually are. An example would be the overdone Leaning Tower of Pisa photo you’ve probably seen a ton of times, where people stand close to the camera with the tower in the background; thus, making the tower appear smaller than it really is. The same principle is applied to “The Museum of Simulation Technology,” which Pillow Castle Games is calling their tech demo. It’s a refreshing game mechanic that I hope takes off into a finished and polished game.

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Christmas Tinner – reviewed!

Remember the Christmas Tinner from GAME that supposedly sold out? You know, the 9-layered Christmas meal in a can aimed at gamers with no time to make dinner? Well, it turns out it was actually real. YouTuber Steviejacko, aka Steve Jackson, managed to get his hands on a can and review it. I gotta say, the outcome was pretty surprising — I mean, when Steve popped the contents out of the Tinner and onto his plate, it sure looked disgusting. Not sure if it is actually that good or if he was just hungry…


Via: Geekosystem

Lil’ Guardian Pyro

The “Lil’ Guardian Pyro” is a Team Fortress 2 short film/machinima that won the 2013 Saxxy Awards for Best Overall. Directed and animated by Brent Kennedy, it’s a tale of a tiny plushie Pyro assigned to protect a sentry gun. Does the Lil’ Guardian have what it takes to protect the sentry? Hit the ‘play’ button above to find out.


“Hyrule Warriors” trailer for Wii U – Zelda hack-and-slash game

A collaboration between Nintendo and Tecmo Koei, “Hyrule Warriors,” is an upcoming hack-and-slash Zelda game for the Wii U. Basically, mash together Zelda and Koei’s Dynasty Warrriors and Samurai Warriors and you’ll end up with Hyrule Warriors. In the trailer, you see Link battle hordes of enemies, throw a ton of bombs, and perform his classic spin attack move. I think it’s a refreshing move on Nintendo’s part. The game is scheduled for a 2014 release.


NES Controller iPhone 5 Case

nes controller iphone case

The NES Controller Case for the iPhone 5/5s is for the retro gamer looking for a bit of nostalgia or simply a matching phone case to go with the NES Controller Backpack. The case features every button available on the classic NES controller: the Start and Select buttons, the D-pad, and the “A” and “B” buttons. The best part is that all of the buttons are press-able! Unfortunately, that’s all you’ll be able to do with them as they are obviously nonfunctional.

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Natural Pokémon – made from leaves

natural pokemon pikachu

Check out these Pokémon characters made from colorful leaves and rocks. Created by Jacob Carter, he uses material that were sourced by mother nature to create rather cute portraits of Pikachu, Charmander, Ivysaur, Psyduck, Diglett, and Exeggutor. Hit the jump for more pictures.

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