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Who are you?

In case the site’s URL wasn’t obvious enough, my name is Mark Pascua and this is my blog. Yay!

What is this site for?

To share all of the interesting things I find online with the entire world, from tech gadgets to off-beat stuff.

I have a gadget tip, can I send it to you?

Sure, go ahead and send your tip via the Contact page. Please be sure to leave your name or website (if applicable) so I know who to credit.

How can I contact you?

Again, feel free to contact me via the Contact page. Go ahead and drop me a message. I won’t bite, I swear.

I have a product/gadget that I want you to review, can you?

Please contact me with details pertaining to the product. If it’s cool enough (which it probably is) and I have enough spare time to devote to a review, I’ll send the shipping details. And yes, I’ll review for free! If I agree to it, that is.

How do I subscribe via RSS?

If you enjoy and find this site as awesome as I do, please feel free to subscribe to the feed. Alternatively, you can click on one of the RSS icons on the left side of the page. For Firefox users, there’s an RSS button on the top right of the page.